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Your real estate blog is a vital marketing tool. But...

...sometimes you just don't get those posts written.

And the sad fact is, a blog that appears to be abandoned is worse than no blog at all.

Your visitors come back expecting to find something new and interesting. When instead they find the same post you wrote 2 or 3 months ago, they move on to some other agent who posts new information regularly.

Don't you do the same? If you return to a blog 2 or 3 times and find nothing new, don't you move on?

So what keeps you from posting to your blog regularly?

Most agents whose blogs lack content cite one of these reasons:

If any of these excuses apply to you, smile! The blogging help you need is here.

Our new blog post service will furnish you with a new post every 7 days. All you have to do is cut it, paste it, personalize it, and hit "publish."

What do I mean by personalize? When your emails arrive, you'll see bracketed words like "city" and "XXX-XXX-XXXX" for your phone number. You'll need to delete those words and add your own information. They'll be in red to make sure you notice them.

I'm not in the U.S. Can I use these blog posts?

Yes, absolutely. These posts are written to give helpful advice to buyers and sellers world-wide. They cover topics such as getting a house ready to sell, how to find the home you'll be happy with, how to choose an agent or a lender, safety tips for buyers and sellers, and other universal topics.

I will send out extra reports when something happens in the U.S. that buyers and sellers need to know about. This could be changes to Fannie and Freddie programs, new Federal programs or bills before Congress, etc. However, those posts will be "extras." They won't be included in your weekly posts.

What do pre-written blog posts cost?

Less than you'd expect. You'll get a new blog post every 7 days (52 per year) for only $27 per month. BUT... your first month is only $5.

What if I'm not happy with the posts?

You can unsubscribe at any time, with no questions asked. Each post will come to you in an email. At the end of that email you'll find my contact information and an unsubcribe link.

Can you write a blog post in $1.25 worth of your valuable time?

If not, take advantage of the $5 trial offer right now.

After your $5 trial period you'll receive weekly posts (52 per year) for only $27 per month. Over a year's time, that comes to only $6.23 per post.

If you can write a good, informative post in $6.23 worth of your time, you don't need this service.

But if you:

...then you're probably wasting more than $6.23 worth of time just thinking about what to write.

So what are you waiting for?

Wishing you joy and boundless prosperity,

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